Sasha Zaitseva was born in Donetsk, Ukraine in 1994. She graduated from Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University where she studied plastic arts and theory of art and culture. Being a native of the Eastern part of Ukraine, her whole family found themselves in the epicenter of the political and military conflict. Throughout her work, Sasha evokes the primal emotions of anxiety, fear and uprooting which people experience in a time of war and forced displacement, in order to make visible a burning presence of wounded lives in our habitual reality.

While working with elemental substances like blood, mud, charcoal, Sasha gets inspired by their expressive and symbolic density as well as by their plasticity. Dirt for her is a material, closely linked with the human body. Moreover, those materials have a particular significance to her, as they remind of homeland. Coal and roses, symbols of Donetsk, embody in some of Sasha's works the fragility of peaceful existence.

Sasha uses the disruptive gesture of projecting substance onto the surface not just to translate the trauma, but also in order to question the shape as a result of both freedom and conditioning. This cathartic clash of media allows envisioning what the new human landscapes look like after the downfall of local histories.